Get hired

  • I use this blog as a clever tactic to attract awesome recruiters and companies who might want to hire me. It’s like my own personal job-hunting billboard.

Improve my writing/language skills

  • Okay, so maybe I’m not the next Shakespeare (yet), but I’m constantly working on it! Every time someone visits my blog, I learn a new word to add to my ever-growing vocabulary. And hey, if you see me in person, feel free to quiz me on the meaning of the word savor . It’s all part of my weekly learning log, and the struggle to find the right words is real!

A scratchpad for my ideas

  • I’m a genius…or at least I think so in the moment. But if I don’t write down my random, sometimes crazy ideas, I’ll forget them faster than I forget where I put my keys. So now, thanks to my blog, I have a virtual scratchpad where I jot down all my Eureka moments. Who knows, one of them might just turn into the next big thing!

As a note to my future self

  • Picture this: It’s 10 years from now, and I’m reminiscing about my journey. Well, guess what? Thanks to my blog, I’ll have a record of all the crazy things I did, the lessons I learned, and the adventures I embarked on. It’s like a time capsule that will remind me why I pursued my passions and didn’t waste my time binge-watching Youtube (well, maybe just a little).

So, there you have it! My blog is more than just a collection of posts, it’s my online playground where I can showcase my skills, dump my thoughts, and leave a trail of hilarious stories for my future self. Plus, it’s a great way to procrastinate when I should be doing something else.